Asus V8200 Ti200 Deluxe
GeForce 3 64Mb DDR

Friday, January 11, 2002


The Asus V8200 Ti200 Deluxe is a lighter rendition of the Asus V8200 Deluxe standard Geforce3 graphics card. Both are based around the GeForce 3 core, with the principal point of departure being the former's memory frequency, which operates at core speed.

While the core of a standard GeForce 3 is clocked at 200MHz, and mated with DDR-memory clocked at 460MHz, the Ti200 series of cards are clocked at 175MHz (core), and 200MHz DDR (memory, 400MHz effective). In terms of performance then, it's evident that the Ti200 isn't on the same footing as the GeForce 3. In fact, in terms of sheer pixel-pushing power, they seem more in line with a high-end GeForce 2.

With that said though, let's say we put the Ti200 Deluxe through the paces, and see what kind of performance it really has to offer.


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