ATI Radeon 8500 64Mb DDR

Wednesday, June 05, 2002


The ATI Radeon 8500 made its debut on the marketplace about 8 months ago. Since then, just about everything that can be said about it, has been said. Now though, it seems that it's our turn to have a say, as we have finally gotten our hands on a review sample. Today, we'll be focusing primarily on analyzing the Radeon 8500's performance capabilities, with only minor attention given to the underlying technologies behind the card.

For those of you who are interested in reading more about the 8500's internal architecture, we highly recommend visiting ATI's web site, where you can read their excellent Radeon FAQ.

The Radeon 8500 is essentially composed of three parts: a 275MHz GPU, a 350MHz RAMDAC, and 64MB of 128-bit DDR memory clocked at 275MHz (max. bandwidth of 8.8GB/sec).

Our tests will compare the 8500 to a first-generation GeForce 3 (the Nvidia card that was released at around the same time as the Radeon 8500), as well as a GeForce 4 Ti4400, and a GeForce 4 Ti4600.

So, without further banter, let's head on to the review...


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