Leadtek A250 Ultra TD GeForce 4
Ti4600 128Mb DDR graphic card

Thursday, June 06, 2002


What surprised us the most when we were handed a sample of the Leadtek A250 Ultra TD was its weight. When we opened up the box, and took the graphics card out, it became obvious why it was heavier than most of its competitors.

Simply put, the A250 Ultra TD is heavy due to its enormous heatsink, which covers both faces of the card -- including the GPU, and the card's memory modules. In fact, the A250's heatsink is so huge that Leadtek had enough space to fit two separate fans, as you can see in the photo.


From a TV-out standpoint, the Leadtek comes well-equipped with the same circuitry as is used by the X-Box -- a Conexant CS26871-13 TV encoder.

In every other way, however, the A250 is virtually identical to the nVidia Ti4600 reference board. It is composed primarily of a 300MHz GPU, a 350MHz RAMDAC, and 128MB of memory capable at operating at up to 650MHz, all of which makes it consistently faster than the average Ti4400 card.

The A250 TD also comes with a few apps, which include the 3D games Dronez, and Gunlock, as well as the WinFox hardware-monitoring utility, which can be used to Overclock.


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