Iwill SIDEDU280
PCI UItra-2 SCSI HDD controler

Thursday, December 02, 1999


Iwill, an innovative manufacturer that has always presented us with a very diversified range of products, has since a long time manufactured dual-processor motherboards that incorporate SCSI disk controllers. For some time now, Iwill has offered a number of PCI controllers that can be installed onto existing motherboards. In accordance with this range of products, Iwill has produced the SIDE-DU280 SCSI Ultra-2 controller, which uses the Qlogic SCSI controler chip. The point of this article then, is to take the SIDE-DU280 for a test spin.


Destined for a PCI slot, the SIDE-DU280 offers both a 68-pin Ultra-2 SCSI, and a 50-pin Ultra Wide SCSI channel; and is capable of chaining upto 15 SCSI peripherals. A 1MB Flash BIOS permits one to reset the information related to the latter, and to easily update the controller at need.

The SIDE-DU280 supports the Low Differential Voltage (LVD) standard, which allows for a reduction in noise at high speeds, and the ability to employ cables of up to 12m in length. The SIDE-DU280 comes with Ultra Narrow, Ultra Wide, and Ultra 2 SCSI cables, as well as with an Ultra 2 SCSI terminator, and an internal to external Ultra 2 SCSI connector. An installation manual, and disk containing all the necessary drivers are also supplied.


Installation of the SIDE-DU280 is quite simple. In fact, all that is truly necessary is to find an open PCI slot, insert the controller, boot the computer, and - when Windows makes a demand for the drivers upon detecting the new device - insert the diskette of the OS in use and you're ready to use the controller.

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SIDEDU280 Specifications

On Board 1M Flash ROM (DIP,with socket)

Power Plane
Onboard Linear Voltage Regulator Support 3.3V up to 5A Current

1 x Internal 68-pin SCSI Connector
1 x External 68-pin SCSI Connector
1 x Internal 50-pin SCSI Connector
1 x SCSI LED Connector

1 x SIDEDU280 Operation Manual
1 x Narrow SCSI cable
1 x Wide SCSI cable
1 x LVD cable with LVD/SE terminator
1 x Driver diskette (Win9X/WinNT/Win2K/NetWare/ASPI)
1 x Driver diskette (RedHat/Solaris/UnixWare7)

Complete O/S Support
Windows 9X
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows (V3.1 and greater)
Dos (V4.0 and greater)
Novell NetWare (V3.12,4.1 and greater)
OS/2 WARP (V3.0,4.0 and V4.1)
SCO UNIX (V4.2/V5.0/5.0.2/5.0.4 and greater)
Interactive UNIX (V4.0/4.1 and greater)
UnixWare (V2.0/2.1 and greater)
Linux (V1.2/V1.2.13/V1.3.57/V2.0.33/V2.1.99)
Solaris(V2.5 and V2.6)