Tekram DC-390U2W
PCI Ultra 2 SCSI HDD controller

Thursday, November 18, 1999


It is with some surprise that we recently learned that Tekram designs not only motherboards, but also numerous expansion cardssuch as infrared adapters and Ultra-2 SCSI PCI controller that we just recieved for review. For your enjoyment then, we now pass in review the Tekram DC-390U2W Ultra-2 SCSI controller.


The DC-390U2W is a PCI card based around the Symbios Logic SYM53C895 chipset, which controls both the 68-pin Ultra-2 SCSI channel, and its 50-pin Ultra Wide SCSI sibling. The DC-390U2W allows 15 SCSI devices to be chained together. Onboard, there is a 1MB flash-BIOS that can also be reset and updated at need.

The DC-390U2W supports the "LVD" (Low Differential Voltage) standard for noise reduction, increased performance, and the use of longer cables. The DC-390U2W is also supplied with an Ultra 2 SCSI cable, an Ultra Wide SCSI cable, an Ultra-2 SCSI terminator, an internal to external Ultra-2 SCSI connector, a user's manual, and diskettes containing the necessary device drivers.


Installation of the Tekram DC-390U2W PCI card is child's play. Effectively, all that is required is to find an open PCI slot, plug in the card, boot the computer, and install the drivers when prompted by Windows.

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