Geil PC3200 DDR400 and PC3500 DDR433

Monday, September 02, 2002


Great Overclocking requires great memory -- memory capable of transferring information at higher clock speed and higher performance.

Most of the time however, the market is flooded not with the high-quality RAM we all desire, but rather with no-name generic modules. Unfortunately, such generic parts are, more often than not, cobbled together by resellers from the cheapest chips to roll of the assembly line.

To make matters worse, the current practice among computer assemblers is to save money by purchasing whole lots of these inexpensive generic modules for inclusion in their products.

In fact, often, when questioned about their product, resellers have little or no idea exactly what company manufactured the RAM they'll be receiving in the next shipment, or how well in performs.

In other words, you might go in expecting to buy a stick of CAS 2 memory, and end up taking home CAS 2.5 or CAS 3 memory from an unknown source instead.

These nameless modules from little-known companies are, by and large, the rejected products of large established memory companies. Manufacturers often have their own standards of quality for the products they sell under their name. If a chip don't meet with those standards, they are relegated to the reject bin, and are eventually sold to companies with less exacting taste, then resold to the public at large.

An easy alternative to buying from these 2nd-tier memory resellers is to buy from any of the increasingly numerous online sellers (who often now include the manufacturers themselves!) who sell name-brand products directly to users.

Thus, thanks to the Internet, there is now nothing stopping serious computer users from acquiring high-quality parts at an affordable price.

One of the newest companies to offer high-performance memory is an outfit by the name of Geil. Geil has, for some time, offered such products as PC3200 DDR400, and PC3500 DDR433 DDR-SDRAM memory modules.

While JEDEC has not officially ratified a DDR400 memory-standard -- let alone one for DDR433 -- that hasn't stopped many motherboard manufacturers. Thanks to the arrival of VIA's P4X400 chipset for Intel platforms, and the KT400 for the AMD Athlon platforms, mobo makers have been including support for DDR400 memory in their products.

Geil's DDR400 and DDR433 modules, for their part, come stylishly equipped with full-body copper heatsinks, and are delivered in a sealed package contained within a very solid acrylic coffer. This arrangement is, as you can imagine, very effective at insuring that the product arrives at its destination safely.

So, with that said, throughout the rest of the article, we'll be testing Geil's two little speed-daemons for your reading pleasure.

Next: Tests setup.

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