Iwill P4GS i845G socket 478

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Additional features

Additional features of the IWILL P4GS motherboard include: PS2 connectors for connecting mice & keyboards, 5 USB ports - three of which are located on the back panel, an internal USB 2.0 port, a Smart Card connector, RX/TX connectors for infrared, and start-up from the mouse, keyboard, or at a pre-set time. Hardware monitoring of fan speed, CPU temperature, and of voltages is also included as a standard feature of this PC99-compliant motherboard.

The Iwill P4GS also comes with two RAID ATA133 connectors (via the Promise PDC20275 chip), a Serial ATA connector (via the Marvell 88i8031), and a Realtelk ALC650 10/100Base-T network card.

Finally, let's not forget the F1 Panel that can be connected with the P4GS.

Below, a photo of the Iwill P4GS.


Installation of the Iwill P4GS is pretty simple, since there is no real need to play with jumpers. Simply place the board in a case, plug-in, boot-up, and drop into the BIOS to make any adjustments.

Software bundle

The installation CD comes with the Intel 4.20.1003 patch, drivers for the sound-card, drivers for the graphics card, drivers for the network controller, drivers for the Serial ATA controller, drivers for the RAID Promise ATA133 controller, and drivers for Smart Card, Memory Stick, and Secure Digital card access. The installation CD also comes with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the SCR utility for reading Smart Cards, MCaffee Antivirus,and Hardware monitor.

Hardware bundle

The P4GS comes with: one 80-pin ATA133 cable, one 80-pin ATA100/66 cable, a floppy-drive cable, a Serial ATA cable, a backplate for the rear of the motherboard, three jumpers, a CD-ROM with the drivers and utilities, and a user's manual.


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