Intel D845GEBV2 socket 478

Tuesday, October 15, 2002


The i845GE is a new Pentium 4 chipset from Intel, which sports an integrated graphics card.

At a fundamental level, the i845GE represents an extension of the existing Intel 845G. It brings with it the addition of Intel's "Extreme Graphics" technology -- essentially a graphics processor with a 266MHz core speed, which makes it considerably faster than the integrated graphics hardware of previous chipsets. The "Extreme Graphics" core is also reputed to deliver a number of minor tweaks and improvements in execution time.

DDR333 memory is supported by the i845GE, but not ATA133 drives, which seem to be all but ignored by Intel. A USB 2.0 controller, and a LAN controller did make the cut however, and are present within the chipset.

Hyper-threading technology is also now explicitly supported by the i845GE, which should mean that multiple tasks can be juggled more efficiently by the operating system -- thus allowing the system to effectively represent itself in much the same manner as a multi-processor system.

In short, we have quite a few new and interesting claims to test out today...

Characteristics of the Intel D845GEBV2

Socket 478 supports the Intel Pentium 4 processor


Intel 82845GE & 82801DB

Form factor
ATX - 30.5cm X 22.0cm
6 PCI - 1 AGP - 4 USB 2.0
2X 184-pin DIMMs, up to 2GB DDR SDRAM 200/266/333Mhz
Vcore adj.
DDR Vadj.

Audio chipset

AC97 SoundMax Cadenza

Video chipset

Intel 845GE



The Intel D845GEV2 motherboard's design is a Jumperless. As a result, users need not fiddle with jumpers or switches in order to adjust system settings; it can all be handled automatically by the BIOS.

That said, don't expect to be able to change the FSB frequency, the clock multiplier value, or the Vcore, DDR, or AGP voltages -- such options are not provided.

On the other hand, seeing as this is an Intel motherboard, we would have been very surprised if such features had been provided. After all, it isn't exactly in Intel's self interest to allow users to Overclock their systems, thus bypassing the need to buy faster and more expensive Intel CPUs.


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