Aopen AK77-8X Max socket A DDR400

Friday, December 06, 2002

Additional features

Additional features of the AOpen AK77-8X motherboard include: Wake on LAN, Wake on Modem Ring, Wake on Mouse/Keyboard, Wake on RTC Timer, PS2 connectors for connecting mice & keyboards, six USB 2.0 ports, two Firewire ports, Suspend to Disk, Suspend to RAM, RX/TX connectors for infrared, a Dr. LED diagnostic panel (optional), AGP Protection Technology, Watch Dog Timer, Die-Hard BIOS (optional), an SPDIF interface, and start-up from the mouse, keyboard, or at a pre-set time. Hardware monitoring of fan speed, CPU temperature, and of voltages is also included as a standard feature of this PC99-compliant motherboard.

The AOpen AK77-8x Max also includes the AC'97 v2.2-compatible ALC650 5.1 six-channel sound-card, as well as 10/100Base-T and Firewire controllers.

Below, a photo of the AOpen AK77-8X Max.


Installation of the AOpen AK77-8X is very simple, since there's hardly a jumper to be played with. Users must, however, set jumper 20 in order to determine the FSB frequency. Beyond that, simply place the board in a case, plug in, boot-up, and drop into the BIOS to make any adjustments

Software bundle

The installation CD includes the VIA 4-in-1 v4.41 patch, drivers for the sound-card, drivers for the USB 2.0 controller, drivers for the network controller, Adobe Acrobat Reader, DirectX 8.1b, DocuCom Reader, Norton Antivirus, 3Deep E-Color, EZ Skin, Pro Magic 6.0, AOConfig, and Hardware Monitor.

Hardware bundle

The AOpen AK77-8X Max comes with: one 80-pin ATA133 cable, one ATA66 cable, a floppy-drive cable, one Serial ATA cable, a backplate with a pair of USB 2.0 ports, a backplate with a pair of Firewire ports, another backplate with SPDIF and RCA ports, an installation CD, a user's manual, and a shielding plate for the I/O ports on the back-panel


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