The Cybercooler CC-290 system cooler & NK-360 notebook cooler

Friday, July 19, 2002


Thanks to the people at Cybercooler we have now the opportunity to review a pair of coolers, not CPU coolers, but system wide coolers, like the CC-290, with dual fans, which claims to blow 80 CFM, and the NK-360, a pad for notebook cooling, with three fans, claiming a 52 CFM of air movement. Below, you will find a picture of each cooler:

The CC-290, as you can figure out from the picture, is a bay cooler, meaning that you must have a free 5.25" bay to fit it, and, beware, not every mobo/case combination will allow you to install it. For instance, the case of our test system has three 5,25 bays, the first two, counting from top to bottom, are occupied by a CD/DVD drive, and the second have a CD-RW drive. None of these drives can use the third bay, because the motherboard doesn't allow it. And guess what, the mobo doesn't allow to put the CC-290 neither, because its size is almost identical to the size of a CD drive.

The box of the CC-290 brings the cooler itself, and a little bag with a dozen screws, enough to secure three cooler like this. The fit in the 5.25 bay is somewhat tight, but we found this very convenient, because it almost eliminate the possibility of vibration. The body of the cooler and the blades of the fans are made of plastic, with a reasonable quality. If you don't bang the CC-290 against a wall, it will last longer than your computer.

This is a reversible cooler. What this means is that you can put them with their fans facing up or down. One little fact before we enter our benchmarks: this baby blows a lot of air, and the good thing is: your computer will not be any louder than before!!.

As concern the NK-360, it is a cooler pad designed to be used as a kind of 'bed' for your notebook computer. In that way, it not only will take off the heat of the system, but also will prevent you from blocking the venting slots (present in the bottom side of many notebooks and laptops), and also will keep you from feeling the nice leg-cooking heat when you place your computer in your lap (if you ever used a notebook this way for a couple of hours, you surely know what we mean).

The box of the NK-360 brings you the pad itself and the power adaptor. The pad is made of a very good quality plastic, and it's construction seems very solid.

Well, let's skip the formalities, and let's go to the test!.

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