The Zalman CNPS6000-Cu
Socket A & Socket 370 cooler

Friday, August 30, 2002


Today we will be reviewing the latest cooler for the socket 370 and socket A platforms from Zalman. We're talking of the CNPS6000-cu cooler, and like the name implies, is made completely of copper. The first thing that you will note when you put your hands on the CNPS6000-cu, is its weight. The heatsink alone weights 462g (exceeding in 162g the specification from AMD, and 282g the specification from Intel). This situation has a good side and a bad (or at least, dangerous) side. With more metal to dissipate the heat from the CPU, you will lower its temperature, but by being so heavy, you will have to be extra-extra careful when you move your computer. The best recommendation we can make at this point is: if you have to carry your computer from one place to another, REMOVE THE HEATSINK FIRST. You will have to work some more, but you will not put at risk your PC.

Below, you will find a picture of the CNPS 6000-cu:

As you can see, the heatsink doesn't have the usual cube-like form. Well, they don't call it Flower Heatsink for nothing!! This design should allow a better heat dissipation, due to the increased numbers of fins of the heatsink (it's a cool looking heatsink too). The included fan dimensions are 92 x 92 x 25 millimeters, and the maximum speed is 2500 rpm (+- 10%). This fan has two major advantages: the air flow generated will cool the chipset and other components around the CPU, and it doesn't have to spin as fast as the 60 x 60 mm fans, allowing a drastic noise reduction.

Below, you will find a picture of the heatsink alone:

By the way, CNPS means "Computer Noise Prevention System", demonstrating that the objective of Zalman is to manufacture "quiet", but yet efficient, HSF's.

The product comes well wrapped, in a nice box, and the parts doesn't move inside, showing the concern of the manufacturer to prevent damages during the delivery of the product.

Inside the box, you will find the heatsink, the fan with its bracket, a little user manual (which includes the specifications and the installation instructions), the fan mate (a speed control device), a little tube of thermal grease (enough for one or two applications), six bolts (three inch-sized and three mm-sized), two clips to secure the heatsink to the CPU socket, and the "Clip mate", a very nice installation tool, that you will use instead of a screwdriver to secure the heatsink clips.

Below, you will find a picture of the parts included:


To install the heatsink, you must secure the clip to the CPU socket and this is now that you will use to the "clip mate". No more holes in your motherboard made by accident with a screwdriver!! :-). This cooler is not a common heatsink/fan assembly. As you can tell by looking at the shape of the heatsink, you can't attach a fan on the top of it because the fan must be positioned in another way. In this case, you have a bracket to put the fan on. The bracket is secured with three bolts, to the same holes that you use to secure the expansion cards. Once the bolts are firmly in place, the fan can be positioned in several ways. This little fact covers most of the cases/mobo combinations, but beware, if you have a case with the PSU covering the CPU socket, you cannot use this HSF!!!

Now, let's head onto the review, shall we?.

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