The AOpen DVRW2412 Pro DVD burner

Thursday, August 15, 2002


While already impressive, AOpen's selection of multimedia products also benefits from the status of "ever growing". This time, the newest addition is the DVRW2412 Pro, which not only allows users to burn video DVDs, but also traditional CDs.

Better yet, the DRVW2412 Pro is not limited to simply burning DVD+Rs, but is also capable of handling CD and DVD+RWs. Both DVD+R and DVD+RW are burned at a speed of 2.4X and read at 8X. CD-Rs can be written at a maximum speed of 12X, CD-RWs at 10X, with


a maximum read-back speed of 32X. In short, the DVRW2412 Pro offers a wide range of disk-burning options that will likely meet with anyone's needs.

What's more, the DVRW2412 Pro also supports "Just Link" and "Just Speed" technologies. These are further combined with "LossLess Linking", a technology which applies only to DVD writing, but which requires "bridges" of less than 1 micron in size between individual pages of data.

From a technical standpoint, the DVRW2412 Pro comes equipped with a 2MB data buffer -- which proved more than sufficient in our tests. Access time is 140ms in DVD mode, and 120ms in CD mode. Finally, the DVRW2412 Pro also supports Ultra DMA 2.

Now that that's all cleared-up then, let's say we head in to the tests and specs, shall we!.

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